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Certification Regulations and Requirements of


  1. General
    • These Certification Regulations and Requirements apply to the certification and maintenance of the Certificate HANDMADE YOU(TH) AMBASSADORS (further as Certificate).
    • Certificate is a part of a HANDMADE YOU(TH) project, co-financed by European Union in the frame of KA2 Strategic Partnership Erasmus+ Programme, conducted by the Semper Art Foundation in partnership with Petrklic Help ZS from Czech Republic and Ludzas Novada Bernu un Jauniesu Centrs from Latvia (further as Project).
    • Authorization to use the Certificate and Project logo, in accordance with the criteria of these rules, is granted to anybody who have positively completed the certification process (further as Certified Person).
    • Certified Person must comply with the rules set out in this document.
    • Procedure and final decision of granting with the Certificate can only be made by one of 3 organizations from 1.2.
    • You can only apply for certification to Organizations, named in 1.2. The place of proceeding is the Organization of country of residence of the certified person.


  1. Logo
    • Certified Person is authorized to use the certification logo on:
      • documents,
      • marketing materials such as: posters, advertising material, publications, presentations, headed paper,
      • online publications such as: websites, social media profile.
    • Logo may only be used to handicraft and educational activity. Use of certification or logo to any other activities, especially political or ideological, is forbidden.
    • If certification refers to only a part of the personal activity, use of the certificate and its logo must make it clear that certification does not refer to the whole personal activitiy.
    • The logo (mark) cannot be altered or modified. However, it may be resized, provided the proportions of the entire mark are maintained and all features of the mark are clearly distinguishable.


  1. Responsibility
    • Certified Person may not, under any circumstances, transfer the right to use the certificate and logo to third parties.
    • Organizations from 1.2 are responsible for supervision of using certificates and logo in accordance with the rules.
    • Certified Person shall not use the certificate and logo in a manner that would bring Partners form 1.2, European Commission, National Agencies of Erasmus+ Programme and other involved entity, into disrepute and lose public trust.
    • Certified Person cannot make any statement regarding the Certificate or Organizations from 1.2, that may consider to be misleading or unauthorized.
  1. Withdrawal
    • Upon withdrawal, former certified person shall immediately discontinue its use of all material that contains a reference to certification.
    • Correct use of the certificate and logo is the obligation of any Certified Person and any misuse of it may result in withdrawal of the certification and logo by Organizations from 1.2.
    • Organizations from 1.2 are authorized to decide about withdrawal and their decision are final.
    • Before the withdrawal Organizations from 1.2 may use any tools, such as: suspensions, warnings and monitoring visits to provide rightfully use of
  1. Organizations from 1.2 are excluded from liability of third parties activities related to the Certificate and its use.


  1. If you have any questions as to whether your proposed use of the certification or/and logo on an advertisement, brochure or other promotional material is in compliance with these guidelines, please send a sample to one of Organizations from 1.2, for review.
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